dashboard(wmo=None, cyc=None, type='ea', url_only=False, width='100%', height=1000)#

Insert an Argo dashboard page in a notebook cell, or return the corresponding url

  • wmo (int, optional) – The float WMO to display. By default, this is set to None and will insert the general dashboard.

  • cyc (int, optional) – The float CYCLE NUMBER to display. If wmo is not None, this will open a profile dashboard.

  • type (str, optional, default: "ea") –

    Type of dashboard to use. This can be any one of the following:

  • url_only (bool, optional, default: False) – If set to True, will only return the URL toward the dashboard

  • width (str, optional, default: "100%") – Width in percentage or pixel of the returned Iframe or Image

  • height (int, optional, default: 1000) – Height in pixel of the returned Iframe or Image

Return type:

str or IPython.display.IFrame or IPython.display.Image


>>> argopy.dashboard()
>>> argopy.dashboard(6902745)
>>> argopy.dashboard(6902745, 12)
>>> argopy.dashboard(6902745, type='ocean-ops')
>>> argopy.dashboard(6902745, 12, url_only=True)
Or from a fetcher with the method dashboard:
>>> DataFetcher().float(6902745).dashboard()