Dataset.argo.filter_qc(QC_list=[1, 2], QC_fields='all', drop=True, mode='all', mask=False)#

Filter data set according to QC values

Filter the dataset to keep points where all or any of the QC fields has a value in the list of integer QC flags.

This method can return the filtered dataset or the filter mask.

  • QC_list (list(int)) – List of QC flag values (integers) to keep

  • QC_fields ('all' or list(str)) – List of QC fields to consider to apply the filter. By default we use all available QC fields

  • drop (bool) – Drop values not matching the QC filter, default is True

  • mode (str) – Must be all (default) or any. Boolean operator on QC values: should we keep points matching all QC fields or β€˜any’ one of them.

  • mask (bool) – False by default. Determine if we should return the QC mask or the filtered dataset.

Return type: