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Install the last release with conda:

conda install -c conda-forge argopy

or pip:

pip install argopy

you can also work with the latest version:

pip install git+

Install release with partial 🟒 bgc support#

New in version v0.1.14rc2.

🟒 bgc support is provided as a release candidate only. Therefore, it is not available in conda and won’t be selected by default with pip.

To install argopy with partial 🟒 bgc support, you need to use:

pip install argopy==0.1.14rc2

Required dependencies#

  • aiohttp

  • erddapy

  • fsspec

  • netCDF4

  • scipy

  • toolz

  • xarray

  • requests

Note that Erddapy is required because erddap is the default data fetching backend.

Requirement dependencies details can be found here.

The argopy software is continuously tested under latest OS (Linux, Mac OS and Windows) and with python versions 3.8 and 3.9

Optional dependencies#

For a complete argopy experience, you may also consider to install the following packages:


  • gsw

  • tqdm

  • zarr


  • dask

  • distributed

  • pyarrow


  • IPython

  • cartopy

  • ipykernel

  • ipywidgets

  • matplotlib

  • seaborn