Dataset.argo.filter_scalib_pres(force: str = 'default', inplace: bool = True)#

Filter variables according to OWC salinity calibration software requirements

By default, this filter will return a dataset with raw PRES, PSAL and TEMP; and if PRES is adjusted, PRES variable will be replaced by PRES_ADJUSTED.

With option force=’raw’, you can force the filter to return a dataset with raw PRES, PSAL and TEMP whether PRES is adjusted or not.

With option force=’adjusted’, you can force the filter to return a dataset where PRES/PSAL and TEMP replaced with adjusted variables: PRES_ADJUSTED, PSAL_ADJUSTED, TEMP_ADJUSTED.

Since ADJUSTED variables are not required anymore after the filter, all ADJUSTED variables are dropped in order to avoid confusion wrt variable content.

  • force (str) –

    Use force=’default’ to load PRES/PSAL/TEMP or PRES_ADJUSTED/PSAL/TEMP according to PRES_ADJUSTED filled or not.

    Use force=’raw’ to force load of PRES/PSAL/TEMP

    Use force=’adjusted’ to force load of PRES_ADJUSTED/PSAL_ADJUSTED/TEMP_ADJUSTED

  • inplace (boolean, True by default) –

    If True, return the filtered input xarray.Dataset

    If False, return a new xarray.Dataset

Return type: