bar_plot(df: DataFrame, by: str = 'institution', style: str = 'whitegrid', with_seaborn: bool = False, **kwargs)[source]#

Create a bar plot for an Argo index dataframe

This is the method called when using the facade fetcher methods plot with the dac or profiler arguments:


To use it directly, you must pass a pandas.DataFrame as returned by a argopy.DataFetcher.index or argopy.IndexFetcher.index property:

from argopy import IndexFetcher
df = IndexFetcher(src='gdac').region([-80,-30,20,50,'2021-01','2021-08']).index
bar_plot(df, by='profiler')
  • df (pandas.DataFrame) – As returned by a fetcher index property

  • by (str, default='institution') – The profile property to plot

  • style (str, optional) – Define the Seaborn axes style: ‘white’, ‘darkgrid’, ‘whitegrid’, ‘dark’, ‘ticks’