indexstore_pyarrow.search_parameter_data_mode(PARAMs: dict, nrows=None, logical='and')[source]#

Search index for profiles with a parameter in a specific data mode

  • PARAMs (dict) โ€“ A dictionary with parameters as keys, and data mode as a string or a list of strings

  • logical (str, default='and') โ€“ Indicate to search for all (and) or any (or) of the parameters data moade. This operator applies between each parameters.


>>> search_parameter_data_mode({'TEMP': 'D'})
>>> search_parameter_data_mode({'BBP700': 'D'})
>>> search_parameter_data_mode({'DOXY': ['R', 'A']})
>>> search_parameter_data_mode({'BBP700': 'D', 'DOXY': 'D'}, logical='or')